Let’s understand how to build you a wonderful new Website

The price of any new website depends entirely on how much time it takes to build. While time and cost estimates are common place in the industry, if you need a fixed quote then for $200+GST we can fully scoop and cost the project based on the following questions.

As you scroll down the page past the three generic pricing categories, you will see a series of questions that provide a more customised fixed price.

Finally, one core reason that makes us different is that we seek to understand your purpose (your why) plus your long term goals and strategy. By doing this we find that we can provide you with a better solution, aligned with the big picture detail better able yo empower more effective marketing if that is applicable. If we don’t know those details then we are less likely to be able to develop the right strategy, which is your success blueprint.

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1. What is your business purpose?

2. What is your vision for 5 years time. What will your business look like?

3. What are your current business goals?

4. How many animation objects would you like?


5. Do you already have an email address set-up at the new website domain?

6. What type of footer do you like?

Your comments:

7. How many pages do you require on your site?


8. The recommendation is that we source high-quality photos for your website that you own. An alternative approach may be that you wish to invest in sourcing the images yourself.

9. Would you like Learndash set-up to be able to deliver online courses?

10. What e-commerce requirements do you have?

11. Do you have a privacy statement?

12. Do you have website terms and conditions ready to go?

13. Would you like us to handle the hosting

14. Website Content

15. Are you looking at selling products through your site (if so how many products )

16. Do you need these website add-ons. Check each box for what you need.

17. What SEO requirements do you have? (Search Engine Optimisation)

18. Do you need Logo Design?

19. Would you require email capture and email marketing setup?


Let’s Work Together

Thanks for your information, we look forward to helping you achieve your digital goals.